Biografie von Nicolas CARONE (1917-2010)

Birth place: New York, NY

Addresses: New York, NY

Profession: Painter, sculptor, teacher

Studied: NAD; ASL; Acad. FA, Rome, Italy; Hans Hofmann Sch. Art.

Exhibited: Carnegie Intl., 1945-46, 1959; Corcoran Gal, 1947; Brussels Worlds Fair, 1959; Rome, Italy, 1949 (solo); Frumkin Gal., Chicago, 1955; Stable Gal., NYC, 1957, 1959; WMAA, 1957-61; Stadler Gal., Paris, 1959; Staempfli Gal., NYC, 1960, 1962; PAFA, 1962 (prize);AIC; MoMA. Awards: Prix de Rome, 1942; Fulbright Grant to Rome, 1949; William Copley Grant, NYC, 1954; Longview Fnd. Grant, 1963.

Work: MMA; WMAA; Atlanta Mus. A.; Univ. Nebraska; Union Carbide Co., NY; Univ. Iowa.

Comments: Teaching: Columbia University; Cooper Union, School of Visual Arts; Yale University, School of Art & Architecture, 1964.

Sources: WW66; Falk, Exhibition Record Series

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