Biografie von Selden Connor GILE (1877-1947)

Birth place: Stow, ME

Death place: Belvedere, CA

Addresses: Belvedere, CA

Profession: Painter

Studied: P. Nahl; F. Van Sloun; S. Macky; W. H. Clapp; Calif. College Arts & Crafts

Exhibited: San Francisco AA, 1919-1935; Soc. of Six, 1923-1928; Santa Cruz, 1929 (prize); Vallejo AG, 1929 (prize); Oakland AA, 1933 (prize), 1935, 1936 (hon. mention); SFMA, 1935; Smithonian Inst., 1976-77; Oakland Mus., 1981

Member: AAPL; Marin County AA; Oakland Art League

Work: Monterey Peninsula Mus. Art; Utah State Univ.; Belvedere Pub. Lib.; Oakland Mus.

Comments: He was an original and influential member of the Society of Six.

Sources: WW40; Hughes, Artists of California, 208.

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