Camille CLAUDEL (1864-1943)

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Although women account for half of the world’s population (and therefore half of the world’s intelligence, sensitivity and inspiration…), they are still substantially under-represented on the global Art Market. Looking back, women did not become a regular part of art history’s narrative until the end of the 19th century. However, today’s secondary art market is […]

The Petiet Collection: Latest sale The provenance of the works played a major role in the latest Petiet sale organised by the Ader Nordmann auction house on 25 and 26 November 2017 at the Opéra-comique in Paris. After 25 years of sales, this 50th and final sale of the Henri Petiet Collection attracted dealers and collectors […]

A couple dancing close and naked… that was the original inspiration for one of the most famous and passionate sculptures in art history. However, in 1901 the Fine Arts Academy in Paris considered the work far too sensual for Parisian society and Camille CLAUDEL was obliged to produce another more modest version incorporating drapes. Without […]

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Der/Die Künstler(in) Camille CLAUDEL (1864-1943) wurde im Jahr 1864 geboren. Das älteste auf der Webseite registrierte Auktionsergebnis ist ein(e) skulptur volumen verkauft im Jahr 1986 bei Briest; das neueste ist ein(e) skulptur volumen, verkauft im Jahr 2021. Die für diesen Künstler von Artprice erstellten Kennzahlen und Markttrends basieren auf 422 Versteigerungen. Insbesondere: skulptur volumen, zeichnung aquarell, gemälde.