Biografie von Wilder M. DARLING (1856-1933)

Birth place: Sandusky, OH

Death place: Toledo, OH

Addresses: Laren, North Holland

Profession: Painter

Studied: with Henry Mosler in Cincinnati at age 14; with Duveneck in Munich, 1875-78; Académie Julian, Paris with J.P. Laurens and Benjamin-Constant, 1886-87, 1893, 1909; later with Mosler again; also with Wm. M. Chase, J. Cormon

Exhibited: Paris Salon, 1887-89; NAD, 1891; SNBA, 1899; Paris Expo, 1900 (med); PAFA, 1901; AIC, 1906; Cinci. Art Gal. (retrospective) 1989

Work: Mus., Amsterdam; Mus., Brussels; Toledo Mus. A.; Univ. Toledo Collection; museums throughout the U.S.

Comments: He established a studio in Holland but at the outset of WWI returned to Toledo where he taught and became known as the Dean of Toledo Painters."

Sources: WW17; Fink, American Art at the Nineteenth-Century Paris Salons, 335."

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