Biografie von Carl MOON (1879-1948)

Birth place: Wilmington, OH

Death place: San Francisco, CA

Addresses: Pasadena, CA

Profession: Photographer, painter, illustrator, writer

Studied: T. Moran; F. Sauerwein; L. Akin.

Member: Pasadena AA; Calif. Writer's Guild; Pasadena Lib. Club (pres., 1931); Cartoonist Club

Work: 24 canvases of Indians, Huntington Lib.; AMNH; Southwest Mus., Los Angeles; Montclair Mus.; LOC.

Comments: Moon was an artistic photographer of the Southwest Indians, assembling a large collection at his Albuquerque photography studio from 1904-07. From 1911-14, he worked for Fred Harvey Co., which traded in Indian artifacts. In 1914, he and his wife Grace Purdie (see entry; married in 1911) established their studio in Pasadena. In 1917, owing to anti-German sentiment during WWI, he changed the spelling of his first name from "Karl" to "Carl." Auth./illustr.: Flaming Arrow, Painted Moccasin, Tah-Kee; and numerous magazine stories; illustr.: Chi-Wee, Runaway Papoose, and many other Indian and Mexican stories for children, created in collaboration with his wife.

Sources: WW40; Hughes, Artists of California, 386; P&H Samuels, 330; Tom Driebe In Search of the Wild Indian (Maurose Pub., 1997)

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