Biografie von Norman MCLAREN (1914-1987)

Birth place: Stirling, Scotland

Addresses: Montreal 247, Quebec

Profession: Painter, art administrator

Studied: Glasgow Sch. Art, Scotland.

Exhibited: Awards: Motion Picture Acad. Oscar for "Neighbors," 1952; award for "Blinkity Blank," Grand Prix, Cannes, France, 1955; outstanding achievement award, Can. Govt., 1972.

Member: Academician Royal Can. Acad. Art.

Work: Nat. Gal. Can., Ottawa.

Comments: Positions: film dir., Nat. Film Bd. Can., 1941-. Publications: auth., Cameraless Animation, 1958; illusr., Six Musical Forms, Jeunesses Musicales, Montreal, 1967; illusr., Interplay, Graphic Guild, Montreal, 1971.

Sources: WW73; Gavin Miller, "The Eye Hears & the Ear Sees" (film), BBC-TV, Engl.; E. Cutler, "Unique Genius of Norman McLaren," Can. Art, April & May, 1965; Laurence Elliott, "Norman McLaren, Gentle Genius of the Screen," Reader's Digest, Aug., 1971.

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