Biografie von Robert WATTS (1923-1988)

Birth place: U.S.

Addresses: Bangor, PA

Profession: Designer

Studied: Univ. Louisville (B.M.E., 1944); ASL, 1946-48; Columbia Univ. (A.M., 1951)

Exhibited: New Media, New Forms II, Martha Jackson Gal., New York, 1960; Assemblage, 1961 & The Machine, 1968, MoMA; WMAA, 1964; Happening & Flexus, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Köln, Germany, 1971. Awards: Exp. Workshop Award, Carnegie Corp., 1964.

Member: ASL (life mem.)

Work: Mod. Museet, Stockholm; Houston Art Mus.; Albright-Knox Art Mus. Buffalo; Art Inst. Chicago.

Comments: Preferred media: mixed media. Publications: co-author, Newspaper," 1963; author, "Flexus, Assorted Events and Objects," 1964-72; author, "Postage Stamps, Fluxpost," 1965; contributor, "The Arts on Campus: The Necessity for Change," 1970; co-author, "Proposals for Art Education," 1970. Teaching: professor, film & mixed media, Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, 1952-, university research council grant for film & mixed media, 1964-71; Carnegie Corp. visiting artists & consultant, Univ. Calif., Santa Cruz, 1968.

Sources: WW73; Max Kosloff, "Pop Culture and the New Vulgarians," Art Int., 1962; Brian O'Dougherty, "Art: Machines in Revolt," 1962; Grace Glueck, "If It's Art You Want...," 1967, New York Times.

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