Biografie von Julia THECLA (1896-1973)

Birth place: Chicago, IL

Addresses: Chicago, IL

Profession: Painter, designer, graphic artist, sculptor, lithographer

Studied: AIC; Elmer Forsberg.

Exhibited: MoMA, 1943; Art of This Century, 1942-45; AIC, 1931-33, 1935-37, 1940, 1942-45; SFMA, 1945; CI; MMA. Awards: prizes, Chicago Newspaper Gld.; Illinois State Fair; Florida Southern College; AIC.

Member: Chicago AC; Women Artists Salon, Chicago; Chicago NJSA (dir.).

Work: AIC; Newark Mus.

Comments: A Surrealist, she worked in small formats, but was relatively isolated from the main Surrealist movement.

Sources: WW59; WW45; Wechsler, 33

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