Biografie von Burgoyne DILLER (1906-1965)

Birth place: New York, NY

Addresses: New York 19, NY

Profession: Painter, educator

Studied: Michigan State Univ; ASL with Jan Matulka and Hans Hofmann, 1928.

Exhibited: AIC; ASL Gal, 1932 (first exh.of abstract art at the ASL); Am. Abstract Art, 1937, 1938; Contemporary Art Gal., 1933; Harvard School of Des., 1945; Munson-Williams-Proctor Inst., 1946; WMAA; Corcoran Gal, 1963.

Member: American Abstract Artists (founding mem)

Work: Syracuse MFA; Yale Univ AG.

Comments: An abstract painter, around 1937 his style evolved toward the clean geometric lines, shapes, and primary colors of Mondrian and Malevich, which he synthesized into his paintings and three-diemnsional constructions. He was a highly-influential champion of abstract art within the WPA and the American Abstract Artists group. Position: New York WPA/FAP (head, Mural Division, 1935; asst. technical dir., 1940; director of art, War Service Division, 1942). Teacher: Brooklyn College, 1945-65.

Sources: WW53; WW47; American Abstract Art, 181

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