Amoako BOAFO (1984)


Gemälde 68

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Within just a decade, the number of works by Contemporary African and African-born artists in fine art auctions has tripled, as has the turnover they generate. Today, with a long period of emergence behind them, it is more a question of anchoring on the global market. Creations by Contemporary African and African-born artists are no […]

Pablo Picasso and Jean-Michel Basquiat represent two of the most important figures in 20th century Art History, but in auction market terms their works generate more turnover than any other artists living or dead. While Picasso regularly takes top position in our annual auction turnover ranking (with over $550 million in 2021), Basquiat reached second […]

The term ‘NFT’ has been elected word of the year 2021 (all languages combined) by the Collins English Dictionary. The blockchain technology supporting the existence of NFTs was officially born in 2017, but it is only in the last ten months that it has attracted the general public’s attention by inviting itself into the art […]

On 14 October 2021, just before its prestige Contemporary Art Evening Sale in London, Sotheby’s calculated the estimated value of the canvas I’ll Have What She’s Having (2020) by Flora Yukhnovich at $80,000 – $110,000. But the work finally sold for over $3 million. Nothing justifies this result 30 times higher than the estimates, if […]

In the first semester of 2021 the art auction market managed to recover all of its dynamism. If all goes well, the art fairs which will resume in September. They will, however, have to contend with a substantially modified market characterised by the sensational arrival of NFTs and sky-high prices for works by very young […]

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Für Amoako BOAFO (1984) , das älteste registrierte Auktionsergebnis ist ein(e) gemälde verkauft im Jahr 2020 bei Phillips; das neueste ist ein(e) gemälde, verkauft im Jahr 2022. Die Analysen und Grafiken erstellten von basieren auf 68 Versteigerungen. Insbesondere: gemälde.
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