Biografie von Hendrik D. Kruseman VAN ELTEN (1829-1904)

Birth place: Alkmaar, Holland

Addresses: NYC, 1866-97; Paris, France, 1900

Profession: Landscape painter, etcher

Studied: landscape painting with Cornelius Lieste, in Haarlem

Exhibited: Amsterdam Int. Expo., 1860 (gold med.); Brooklyn AA, 1865-86, 1891; PAFA Ann., 1876-89 (4 times); Boston AC, 1880-92; Soc. Painter-Etchers, London, 1881; BMFA, 1881; NAD, 1866-1903; AIC, 1889-1900. Award: Chevalier, Order of the Lion, Holland.

Member: ANA, 1871; NA, 1883; Acad. Amsterdam; Acad. Rotterdam; AWCS; NY Etching Club; Artists Aid Soc.; Soc. Painters-Etchers, London, 1881 (fellow).

Work: BMFA

Comments: Came to the U.S. in 1865, painting landscapes in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. He was part of the art colony at Cragsmoor, NY, where he owned a home in Ellenville. He began etching in 1876, and achieved distinction by 1880. In 1905, two hundred of his paintings were auctioned at Am. Art Gld., NY, bringing in $9,335 for the Artists Aid Soc. Also appears as Van Elten.

Sources: WW04; article and etching included in Works of American Etchers (S.R. Koehler, 1880, Part XIII); O"Brien & Mandel, American Painter-Etcher Movement 30; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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