Biografie von Allan KAPROW (1927-2006)

Birth place: Atlantic City, NJ

Addresses: Pasadena, CA

Profession: Painter, educator, video artist

Studied: Hans Hofmann Sch. Fine Arts, 1947-48; NY Univ. (B.A., 1949, postgrad., 1949-50); Columbia Univ. (M.A., 1952); also with John Cage, NYC, 1956-58.

Exhibited: Inst. Contemp. Arts, Boston, Mass., 1966; Central Park, NYC, 1966; Westchester Art Soc., White Plains, NY, 1966; State Univ. NY Stony Brook, 1967; retrospective, Pasadena Art Mus., Calif., 1967; John Gibson Gallery, 1969 (solo), 1970s; WMAA, 1977. Awards: Copley Found. Award, 1962; Off. For Area Studies, State Univ. NY, 1965; Guggenheim Found. fel., 1967

Comments: Positions: co-founder, Hansa Gal., NYC, 1952, Reuben Gal., NYC, 1959; dir., Judson Gal., NYC, 1960, co-dir., 1961; dir. criticism & exp. res., Inst. Contemp. Arts, Boston, 1965-66. Teaching: instr., Rutgers Univ., 1953-56, asst. prof., 1956-61; lectr. aesthetics, Dept. Fine Arts, Pratt Inst., 1960-61; assoc. prof., State Univ. NY Stony Brook, 1961-66, prof., 1966; assoc. dean, Calif. Inst. Arts, 1966-. Publications: auth., Assemblage, Environments and Happenings, Abrams, 1965; auth., var. bks. & articles.

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