Biografie von Frances Flora PALMER (1812-1876)

Birth place: Leicester, England

Death place: Brooklyn, NY

Addresses: active in NYC from 1844; Brooklyn, NY

Profession: Landscape, townscape & still life painter, graphic artist, lithographer

Studied: Miss Linwood's School, London.

Exhibited: Am. Inst., 1848 (lithographs shown under firm's name F. & S. Palmer); NAD, 1844, possibly 1868; Brooklyn AA, 1869.

Work: Mus. of the City of New York has a large collection of Currier & Ives prints; NYHS; Mystic Seaport Mus.

Comments: A leading artist for Currier & Ives. Born Frances Flora Bond, she and her husband, Edmund Seymour Palmer (see entry), came to NYC from Leicester (England) in the early 1840s. The couple briefly worked together in a lithographic company called F.&S. Palmer (c.1846-49, see entry). Fanny Palmer became the main support in the family and by 1849 was working for Nathaniel Currier's lithographic company (which became Currier & Ives in 1857). She was one of their most prolific artists, producing at least 200 documented lithographs for them. Specialized in country and farm scenes, images of trains traveling cross-country, and scenes of westward expansion. Between 1862-67, she created most of the firm's still lifes and, it is believed, a large number of the company's unsigned fruit and flower prints. Her designs were reproduced in calenders, greeting cards, and advertising. Fanny's sister and brother, Maria and Robert Bond were also artists (see entries).

Sources: G&W; Peters, Currier & Ives, 110-15; Peters, America on Stone; Cowdrey, NAD; Naylor, NAD (listed as Flora L. Palmer); Am. Inst. Cat., 1846-48; NYCD 1846+. More recently, see Rubinstein, American Women Artists, 68-70; Baigell, Dictionary; Marlor, Brooklyn Art Assoc.; Reps (includes many cat. entries and gives locations of prints); BAI, courtesy Dr. Clark S. Marlor.

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