Biografie von Adolf Richard FLEISCHMANN (1892-1968)

Birth place: Esslingen, Germany

Addresses: New York 21, NY

Profession: Painter

Studied: in Stuttgart and Munich, Germany.

Exhibited: CGA; AIC; Yale Univ.; FA Center of Houston; SFMA; AFA; WMAA; solos: Rose Fried Gal., NY, 1955, 1957; and in Germany: Kassel, 1959, 1964; Freiburg, 1962; Heidelberg, Esslingen, Ulm, München, all 1964; Parma Gal., NY, 1961; Liege, Belgium, 1962; Stable Gal., NY, 1963.

Work: Farnsworth Mus. Art, Rockland, MA; Carnegie Inst.; Busch-Reisinger Mus.; FMA; Lyman Allyn Mus.; Olsen End.; Union Carbide Collection, NY; WMAA; Chase Manhattan Collection, NY and in museums in France, Germany

Comments: Work reproduced In art publications U.S. and abroad.

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