Dan SHAW-TOWN - Untitled

Künstler Zu den Kursen & Preisen von Dan SHAW-TOWN / Zu den Auktionsanzeigen von Dan SHAW-TOWN
Art von Kunstwerk Original
Titel Untitled
Jahr 2014
Kategorie Gemälde
Technik Acryl
Signatur Nicht signiert
Größe ohne Rahmen 123 x 184 cm
Authentizitätszertifikat Nein
Rechnung Nein

This work is in excellent condition. The artist used acrylic paint, enamel and powdered graphit. It comes with documents confirming provenance and authenticity. 

Dan Shaw-Town’s work possesses a polished quality that belies his intricate and
layered use of materials and the utilitarian nature of his installation process.
Using traditional processes of mark-making with graphite on paper, he folds, crumples,
flattens and reworks drawings so that they become simultaneously polished and worn to
unveil their hidden potential.
The precision with which works are formed becomes apparent only on close contact: every
stroke and mark placed carefully. Drawings are erased, sanded and painted to achieve a
wide array of surfaces and textures, many of which seem at first to sit uncomfortably on
the paper.
Many works blur the distinctions between drawing and sculpture, even on occasion
becoming folded objects placed on the floor hiding much of their heavily worked surface
on their interior.

Anzeigen-Nr. 1711812

Den Verkäufer kontaktieren: Elisabeth Gallery

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