Elena KOVYLINA - Audio-Visual Pharmacy. Scorpio

Künstler Zu den Kursen & Preisen von Elena KOVYLINA / Alle Werke auf dem Kunstmarktplatz
Art von Kunstwerk Original
Titel Audio-Visual Pharmacy. Scorpio
Jahr 2020
Kategorie Gemälde
Technik Öl/Platte
Signatur rückseite
Größe ohne Rahmen
59,06 x 39,37 in
150 x 100 cm
Zertifikat ausgestellt durch Frida Foundation
Rechnung Nein
Zustand sehr guter Zustand

Scientific ad I. Yakovleva.

Oil/canv, plywood, acrylic, chalk. D18. Сhalk can be translated

Part of the Project «2020 → 2070»: the best Russian modern artists support Science

Exhib: RUSNANO, Communal House MISIS, Russian State Museum of Architecture

Sounds very subtle and deeply affect our bodies and souls. We feel a surge of strength from listening to our favorite song or melody, we calm down under the measured sound of rain on the pavement ...

Relatively recently, a new science of neuroacoustics has arisen, using acoustic programs to treat certain diseases.

Color is also sound, because it consists of waves. Color is the sound visible to the eye.

Contemplation of images of medicinal plants in combination with recorded electronic programs at frequencies that are not audible to the human ear is an audio-visual medicine for coronavirus and a bold solution for all diseases of our civilization.

Our audiovisual works - drugs structure the viewer at the frequency where the disease has no place

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