Macha POYNDER - Without Stopping

Künstler Zu den Kursen & Preisen von Macha POYNDER / Alle Werke auf dem Kunstmarktplatz
Art von Kunstwerk Original
Titel Without Stopping
Jahr 2020
Kategorie Gemälde
Technik Mischtechnik
Signatur rückseite
Größe ohne Rahmen
66,93 x 55,91 in
170 x 142 cm
Zertifikat ausgestellt durch IdeelArt
Rechnung ausgestellt durch Macha Poynder
Zustand sehr guter Zustand

Acrylic and pastel on un-stretched canvas - Unframed.

This artwork will be shipped rolled in a dent-resistant tube.
This method is especially safe for large works, and provides lower shipping costs as well.
Rolled works can be easily stretched (for canvas works, i.e. placed onto wooden stretcher bars) and/or framed by a local framer upon arrival.

Poynder's method emphasizes gesture, line, color, and space. Physicality and action are key to her technique. To create her drawings and paintings she expands on the methods of the Abstract Expressionists, blending automatic drawing, performative gestures, and intuitive color choices to express the depths of her unconscious. She works with multiple layers and colors, creating works that are defined by their complexity and depth. Her textured and painterly surfaces blend areas of apparent randomness where the paint has been splashed or dripped with areas of precision, where the paint has been applied with a deliberate, trained hand.

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Verkäuferstatus Unternehmer
7.000 £ (8.121 €)
7.000 £ (9.675 $)
7.000 £
7.000 £ (62.854 ¥)

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