Jérémie IORDANOFF - Souris (Abstract work on paper)

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Art von Kunstwerk Original
Titel Souris (Abstract work on paper)
Jahr 2009
Kategorie Gemälde
Technik Wasserfarbe
Signatur unten rechts
Größe ohne Rahmen
11,42 x 15,35 in
29 x 39 cm
Zertifikat ausgestellt durch IdeelArt
Rechnung ausgestellt durch Jérémie Iordanoff
Zustand sehr guter Zustand

Watercolour on paper - Unframed.

Artwork exclusive to IdeelArt.

French abstract artist Jérémie Iordanoff blends the visual languages of Western Modernist Abstraction with earlier, global aesthetic traditions, such as those of indigenous artists and ancient Rome. Within his works, floating, whimsical, anthropomorphic forms intermingle amid structured, linear grounds.

Iordanoff is particularly interested in pattern, color, and line. Though grounded in geometry, his compositions are hand drawn, or hand painted. Raw, yet elegant, his works are also layered and complex. They celebrate the imperfections of the human hand of the artist, and at times are almost reminiscent of the tradition of quilting.

Iordanoff works in a range of mediums, alternating between ink drawing, watercolors, and oils on either paper and canvas.

Oil paints is his favorite medium, he says, “Because it takes time. The time required for the slow maturation of images.

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Verkäuferstatus Unternehmer
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