Floyd ELZINGA - Segment

Künstler Zu den Kursen & Preisen von Floyd ELZINGA / Alle Werke auf dem Kunstmarktplatz
Art von Kunstwerk Original
Titel Segment
Jahr 2017
Kategorie Skulptur Volumen
Technik Metall
Nummerierung und/oder edition 1/1
Signatur Sockel
Größe ohne Rahmen
59 x 49 x 36 in
149,86 x 124,46 x 91,44 cm
Zertifikat ausgestellt durch Oeno Gallery
Rechnung Nein
Zustand fehlende Teile

A steel pine cone cut lengthwise or segmented exposing its stem of clustered steel rods is secured to a flat stone base by sculptor Floyd Elzinga. The steel scales and stem of this large outdoor sculpture are allowed to rust. This work is also a 'fire cone'. Kindling and logs may be stacked and burned within the opening of the steel rods to create a spectacular night fire.

Floyd Elzinga’s work explores traditional landscape through non-traditional techniques. Strongly influenced by the natural and cultivated environment surrounding his studio on the Niagara Escarpment, each creation is a direct reference to his distinctly Canadian perspective. Elzinga’s pinecone sculptures have been featured as part of Toronto’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche celebration of contemporary art, and his work is held in collections across Ontario and in the US. Elzinga received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, NS.

Anzeigen-Nr. 2320513
Verkäuferstatus Unternehmer
25.000 $ (21.484 €)
25.000 $
25.000 $ (18.116 £)
25.000 $ (159.849 ¥)

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