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Multiple (1/2)
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Nicolas Badout
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60 x 91 x 0,2 cm(23,62 x 35,83 x 0,08 in)
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Paragone Concept-Nicolas Badout
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How is a landscape made, undone, created or recreated? To try to answer this question, Nicolas Badout presents here a new series of illustrations, in the continuity of the16th Biennale of Contemporary Art of Lyon and its theme "Manifesto of fragility".
He thus wished to evoke the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of April 26, 1986, which made the whole world aware of the risks induced by the manipulation of atomic energy and the severity of its damage on a regional and planetary scale, but also on bodies and minds.

As the main subject, the "Energetik" Palace of Culture, a majestic ruin located in the city center of Pripyat, appears as a silent witness to the catastrophe and the flight of its inhabitants.
Like photographs, these images travel to different eras — the past, the present but also the future — evoking the passage of time and questioning the destruction and deterioration, accidental or voluntary, of a landscape.

Nicolas BADOUT

Prypiat, 27 avril 1986(2022)

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