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65 x 1 x 45 cm(25,59 x 0,39 x 17,72 in)
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86 x 4 x 66 cm(33,86 x 1,57 x 25,98 in)
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Illustration of flowers as a decorative object or as identification of species is what separates floral illustration from botanical illustration. From ancient history, through

Renaissance, the golden centuries of botanical art (XVIII), impressionist painting and the Belle Époque (XIX), to modernism and naturism (XX), flowers have been the muses of painting as they all stand out for the variety of shapes, colors as well as its beauty and meaning.

Ángeles Benimeli, as an academic painter of the 2nd half of the 20th century, did not hesitate to include in her paintings and drawings a good number of botanical species endowed with her personal traits, between realism and impressionism, flowers that are born from an explosion of life, flowers that float on the paper, living and eternals flowers that do not wither over time.

All the original works of the painter Benimeli will be sent to any place in the world at the expense of their buyers through DHL or FEDEX, properly packaged and protected.


Mysterious rose(1970)

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