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0713 02 01 01 168x140

China’s art market is opening… example in Shanghai [02.11.2016]

As the years go by, China’s art market is gradually opening up to Western art, driven partly by the initiatives of Western auction houses who inform and advise Chinese collectors and partly by an increasingly energetic museum policy aimed at promoting the best Western art to the Chinese public. Although cultural diversity is, a priori, […]

0413 26 01 01 168x140

The best auction sales since September [27.10.2016]

Discover the best sales every Friday! Every other Friday, Artprice posts a theme-based auction ranking. This week, Artprice reveals the ten best auction sales worldwide since the beginning of September 2016. Which art works have attained the highest prices in the past two months? Where in the world are the highest auction prices? The ranking […]

0713 02 01 01 168x140

​ An exceptional week in Paris [25.10.2016]

Last week was the Parisian art market’s most important week in its annual calendar. Visitors and collectors were attracted to a veritable marathon of fairs and exhibitions that included the International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) at the Grand Palais and the Louvre (and its gardens), the YIA Art Fair, the Asia Now Fair, the Outsider […]

0513 03 01 01 168x140

Flash News: Ai WeiWei – Palazzo Strozzi – AKAA – Paris – Abstract Expressionism – Rembrandt [20.10.2016]

Ai Weiwei reframes the Palazzo Strozzi AI Weiwei’s first solo exhibition in Italy will surely not go unnoticed. Entitled ‘Ai Weiwei Libero’ as a tribute to the refugees criss-crossing Europe, it is the largest retrospective of his work to date and runs until 22 January 2017 at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. Arturo Galansino, who […]

Ami 168x140

Ahead of the FIAC… [18.10.2016]

In the Frieze versus FIAC competition, the combined effect of the Art Market’s temporary slowdown and Brexit-related uncertainty has refocused some of the limelight onto the French capital. Last year, the FIAC drew a little more than 70,000 visitors while London’s Frieze Art Fair attracted roughly a 100,000. The FIAC’s visitor figures this year will […]

0413 26 01 01 168x140

Marcel Duchamp Prize Top 10 [14.10.2016]

Discover the best sales every Friday! Every other Friday Artprice posts a theme-based auction ranking. This week, we reveal the ten best auction sales by winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize over the last 10 years. Has the Marcel Duchamp Prize had an effect on the evolution of the rating of these artists and is […]

0713 02 01 01 168x140

Annette Messager [11.10.2016]

Recently awarded a major cultural distinction on the international art scene, the French artist Annette Messager will soon be inaugurating Marian Goodman’s new Parisian showroom. Besides, the gallery will be presenting her work at FIAC as soon as next week. Her life and work… Born on 30 November 1943 at Berck-sur-Mer on the northern French […]

0513 03 01 01 168x140

Flash News: Frieze / London – Carlos Cruz Diez / Paris – Philippe Parreno / Tate Modern – Art.Fair Cologne 2016 – Johan Creten / Crac / Sète [07.10.2016]

Get ready for Frieze London! The first big art event of the autumn, Frieze London opens from 6th to 9th October 2016. This London fine art fair is continuously expanding. Building on its success in the contemporary art market, Frieze London has now been divided in two, with Frieze Masters, a space dedicated to the […]

0513 03 01 01 168x140

Frieze and Fiac – which gallery at which fair? [05.10.2016]

The fierce competition between the Frieze and the FIAC shows primarily in the galleries selected by the committees. Each organisation, in an effort to achieve a perfect balance between prestige and novelty, aims at bringing together both the most prominent and the most promising galleries. Although the Frieze‘s and the Fiac‘s selection will have in […]

Art market report 2016 de 168x140

Der Markt für zeitgenössische Kunst 2016 [04.10.2016]

Artprice: Contemporary Art Market Annual Report: + 1,370% in 16 years, generating an average annual return of 5.6% Contemporary art leads the art market with Frieze Art Fair and Fiac On the whole, the Contemporary art market is substantially profitable over the medium and long terms. Despite several adjustments and corrections, our price index shows […]

0413 26 01 01 168x140

Contemporary art Top 10 [30.09.2016]

Discover the best sales every Friday! Every other Friday, Artprice posts a theme-based auction ranking. This week, the ten most expensive art works are in the spotlight. This year, six artists share the Top 10 of the highest auction prices in the world for contemporary art (recorded since summer 2015). Six Western artists – as […]

0713 02 01 01 168x140

Zeng Fanzhi, twenty years after his debut in Beijing [27.09.2016]

Zeng Fanzhi, twenty years after his debut in Beijing Beijing’s Ullens Center for Contemporary Art has opened a retrospective show for one of the most country’s most famous Contemporary artists, ZENG Fanzhi. The exhibition will run until 19 November 2016 and covers around 25 years of work, including his Hospital and Masks series that made […]

0513 03 01 01 168x140

Flash News: Herb Ritts – David Bowie / Collector – William Kentridge exhibition in London [22.09.2016]

Herb Ritts under the spotlight… Work by one of fashion photography’s major figures, the Californian Herb RITTS (1952-2002), is on show in a retrospective exhibition at the Maison Européenne de la photographie in Paris until 30 October 2016. A master in exalting body lines and skin textures, Herb Ritts brought sensuality and finely composed sophistication […]

0713 02 01 01 168x140

Sale of Claude Berri’s collection… Part 1 announced [20.09.2016]

The art market news this autumn 2016 is dominated by sales of collections. These include works acquired by David Bowie, the presidential couple Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Daniel and Eliane Brollo and Prince Yusupov. There will also be a series of five sales to disperse the works of French film director and producer Claude Berri […]

0413 26 01 01 168x140

The best sales in Spain [16.09.2016]

Discover the best sales every Friday! Every other Friday, Artprice posts a theme-based auction ranking. This week, the ten best results recorded in Spain during the first half of 2016 are reviewed. The best sales in Spain Rank Artist Hammer Price Artwork Sale 1 Joaquín SOROLLA Y BASTIDA (1863-1923) $421,989 Monte Ulía, san Sebastian (1917) […]

0713 02 01 01 18

The paradoxes of the German market [13.09.2016]

Twenty years ago Berlin was internationally recognised as an eldorado for art galleries and artists. The city radiated an atmosphere of tremendous vitality and incommensurate freedom and with lots of huge spaces for artistic expression. The Berlin of the 1990s is remembered as an unparalleled creative laboratory… a sort of giant uninterrupted party with a […]

0513 03 01 01 168x140

Flash News: Hergé – Grand Palais – Positions Berlin – Marc Riboud [09.09.2016]

Every fortnight, Artprice provides a short round up of art market news: Hergé at the Grand Palais. Positions Berlin. Marc Riboud… a humanist photojournalist. Hergé at the Grand Palais Tintin fans will be delighted! Ten years after an exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of Hergé’s birth at the Centre Pompidou, the Belgian creator is returning […]

0713 02 01 01 18

Transavanguardia, blowing the dust off Italian painting [06.09.2016]

The Italian Transavanguardia rehabilitated painting in Contemporary art during the second half of the 20th century. Today, artists like Marco Bagnoli, Sandro Chia, Enzo Cucchi, Francesco Clemente and Mimmo Paladino enjoy international fame but do not seem to be appreciated by the market. Reconciliation of Contemporary art with painting The Transavantguardia was a pure invention […]

0413 26 01 01 1 168x140

Top Spanish artists [02.09.2016]

In Artprice’s fortnightly series of auction rankings, today’s Friday Top article looks at the 10 most successful Spanish artists at auction over the past decade. In the global ranking of national Fine Art auction marketplaces, Spain has descended to 23rd position with an annual turnover of $21 million last year. It is therefore behind Hungary, […]

0713 02 01 01 168x140

Pierre Soulages, France’s leading abstract artist [29.08.2016]

In France, abstract art emerged and expressed itself in many respects via a movement known as the Paris school. Like the Nice School, the Paris School was not exactly a « school » – a formula artificially created by art historians – but rather just a group of abstract artists who worked in France between 1940 and […]

0513 03 01 01 1 168x140

Flash News: Tino Sehgal – Palais de Tokyo – Wifredo Lam – Tate Modern – Christian Boltanski [ [25.08.2016]

Every fortnight, Artprice provides a short round up of art market news: Tino Sehgal – Palais de Tokyo – Wifredo Lam – Tate Modern – Christian Boltanski Tino Sehgal at the Palais de Tokyo British-German artist Tino SEHGAL (1976) began his career as a dancer working with experimental choreographers Jérôme Bel and Xavier Le Roy. […]

01 168x140

Hong Kong sales marathon continues [23.08.2016]

Compared with the deceleration of mainland China’s art market, Hong Kong is still looking buoyant. In 2015, it was the only Chinese city to post an increase in annual auction turnover on Fine Art and this year the city has consolidated its status as an international platform — a strategic crossroad — resisting the current […]

0413 26 01 01 168x140

The Top Ten contemporary sculptures [19.08.2016]

It’s Top Ten Friday! Every other Friday, Artprice ranks the most important pieces ever sold at auction. This week the ranking focuses on the most desirable contemporary sculptures of the last 12 months. The Top Ten contemporary sculptures Rank Artist Hammer Price Artwork Sale 1 Maurizio CATTELAN (1960) $17,189,000 Him (2001) 2016-05-08 Christie’s New York […]

01 168x140

Cy Twombly: a market bulls-eye [16.08.2016]

The Centre Pompidou in Paris is preparing a large-scale Cy TWOMBLY exhibition that will run from 30 November 2016 to 24 April 2017, with around 140 works.

01 168x140

The Contemporary Art market in France [09.08.2016]

In pure supply terms, France’s Contemporary Art market is one of the broadest, deepest and most diverse market’s on the global art map with nearly as many Contemporary works sold at auction as in the US, and more than in the UK.

01 168x140

Contemporary abstract art: Rothko, and company [02.08.2016]

Today’s prices of American Abstract Expressionist art illustrate the country’s dominance of the global market, with works by Mark ROTHKO, Clyfford STILL, Jackson POLLOCK and Sam FRANCIS easily fetching more than $50 million at auction.

01 168x140 Defying all forecasts: China upped 18%, dominated the global Art Market in the first half of 2016 [25.07.2016]

1. China returns to the leader position as the world’s largest art marketplace with a +18% increase2. Hong Kong posted H1 growth of 10% 3. Market liquidity has been guaranteed by transactions volumes up 3.2%

01 168x140

Pierre Molinier the ‘shameless’, or the art of self-reinvention [19.07.2016]

Creator and ‘creature’, Pierre Molinier was born on a Friday 13 in 1900 and took his own life 76 years later. Known primarily for the scandalous nature of his works,

01 168x140

London’s art market stands firm [12.07.2016]

Once again, the art market is proving its remarkable capacity for resistance in contexts of political and economic turmoil.

0513 03 01 01 168x140

Flash News: Vincent Van Gogh – Francis Bacon – Monaco [08.07.2016]

Every fortnight, Artprice provides a short round up of art market news: Vincent Van Gogh: finally, a retrospective in Arles. Francis Bacon in Monaco.

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