The Art Market in 2021

thierry Ehrmann
thierry Ehrmann, President and Founder of and its Artprice division
WAN Jie, Chairman and Founder of Artron Art Group, and Founder of Art Market Monitor of Artron (AMMA)
Key results in 2021
In 2021, the global art market regained much of its customary dynamism, and a whole lot more as well.
New York, London and Hong Kong
The leading destination for the art market and epicenter of the most prestigious Western sales, New York generated $5.27 billion from sales of artworks in 2021.
Developments in the European market
France, Germany, and Italy have the most active art marketplaces in Europe and are among the ten largest in the world.
Art prices
Denser than ever, the global supply of fine artworks is gradually approaching the threshold of one million works offered per year.
Distribution of works by category (medium)
While the market is becoming denser, it is also constantly diversifying.
Most sought-after periods and styles
Thanks to the opening of the art market to bidders of all ages, with very diverse cultural backgrounds and interests, this category is in permanent evolution.
History continues
In November 2021, the rhythm of fine art auction sales accelerated in New York, with the sale of two major collections.
Western “classics”, from Modern to Contemporary
Neither the financial crises nor the recent health crises have prevented Picasso’s works from posting extraordinary value accretions.
Red-chips, the new must haves
The international mechanism of the success of ‘red-chip’ artists, all born after 1980, has been astonishing in its celerity.
The development of NFTs
Could it be that the world of public auctions, a sales technique used since Antiquity, just entered the digital era via NFTs?
Auction houses in a state of high tension
Throughout 2021, the major auction houses engaged in a frantic race to exploit the new NFT vein on several levels.
The 2021 NFT Calendar
Discover the moments and events that shaped 2021
Bonus: NFT lingo glossary
We provide some definitions of the more essential terms in “NFT lingo” so you can find your way in the digital meanders of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Top 100 Auctions for Fine Art + NFT (2021)
Top 100 Auctions for Fine Art + NFT (2021)
Top 500 artists by auction turnover
Top 500 artists by auction turnover (2021)